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Red Velvet Crinkles

A few months ago I discovered foodgawker, what a amazing site/app. I’m so additive it not funny! It a really great platform to discover new recipes.  One the first receipts that caught my eye was crinkle cookies. I have never … Continue reading

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Prawn salad with orange, red onion and avocado

So when it come lunch I’m a bit for bread fiend, however lately I’ve been trying to eat less bread, so I’ve been on the looking out for tasty alternative to sandwiches. This salad is one recipe that I came … Continue reading

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Carmel Squares

Carmel Squares are one of these universal thing that everyone loves! I think it is the combination of the crumbly biscuit base, chewy carmel and chocolate top, when in the right proportion really hit it off.  It also nice tidy, small … Continue reading

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Sweet Popcorn

Popcorn is one those snack that when it done right to lovely, and is so additive! It super easy to burn, 30 seconds too long and you will burn it. The Burnt popcorn really does tasty horrible. I discovered sweet … Continue reading

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French Toast with Peach Maple Syrup

Everyone loved get breakfast in bed or at least someone making it for you, what not to like! There nothing better than waking up the smells of a delicious breakfast wafting though a house or apartment. For me if someone … Continue reading

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Tuna Mango Salsa Wrap

  This is a really quick lunch and it great way to use up some of the mango salsa from my previously post!  The tuna and mango salsa are a match made in heaven and the chilli mayonnaise really liven thing … Continue reading

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Roasted Mango Salsa Topped Pollock

Sodexo run the canteen at work, and have had some some healthy recipes leaflet at the till for while. I really do love anything mango in it, so when I spotted this roasted mango salsa I was sold! The mango … Continue reading

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Dark Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Vanilla Buttercream

Whoopies Pies are just such a wonderful, simply delicious  miniature cake. These are really moist, like tiny little brown with butter-cream. What not to like about the heavenly creatures. Anything bit size away taste better.  These are great for party, … Continue reading

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Jelly Bean Cookies

There is something about of smell of baking cookies,it just heavenly. They are also so easy to make that I think it is a shame that we don’t bake more of your own to be honest. While shopping for some … Continue reading

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American Pancakes

I was heading out for dinner on Tuesday so I missed pancakes tuesday so I made these over the weekend. There is something specical about pancakes!! Even more so American pancakes, as they are perfect weekend brunch, thick, spongy, light … Continue reading

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