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Champagne Macarons

Macarons are one of the favour thing to bake! I be honest I love traditionally French baking. There nothing like pull off as a difficult bake time and time again. My originally inspiration was a starry night sky, however I … Continue reading

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Traditional Mince Pies

If there was ever a smell that represent christmas to me it would be mince-pies, it the small of all these spices, yum…A while back I did a post on mincemeat, so it about time I post part-two, how to … Continue reading

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Orange Chocolate Truffles

Orange and chocolate are such a great flavour combination. I have always loved Terry’s chocolate orange. As it turns out it really easily to make. This is a simple recipes which is great gift if you are trying to impress … Continue reading

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So Christmas is fast approaching, there is now one thing that I can cross off my list, when I get around it make one….homemade mincemeat. Mince pie were something that I never got ? I know they were sweet but … Continue reading

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Christmas Pudding

Ops, I have been meaning to post this for a while, as I cooked this at the start of the month but time got away from me. Christmas pudding is one of my favorite thing about Christmas. This year we were a … Continue reading

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Mulled Wine With A Twist

To kick off the Christmas period we had some friend around for drinks at the weekend. There nothing quite like Mulled wine. Mulled wine is lovely alternate to hot whiskey and hot port, that is traditionally served around the Christmas period and to me it is the ultimate hot toddy. As for … Continue reading

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